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I should be excited more often

On a recent short trip, we flew together with our sons (2 years, and 6 months). Flying with kids is not too much fun (a short page on that here). This time though, the 2 year old taught me and a few rows around us a lesson. As we took off, he screamed of excitement.

Everyone around us laughed and smiled. I think that it was because we were all feeling what he felt in that moment. He just decided to express it. I don't think that I'm going to start to scream when we take off on a plane. I do think that I will start to feel my excitement and remember that it's there. That excitement is the origin of curiosity. Without that we wouldn't have ever been able to fly.

Derek Sivers wrote a bit about this a while back regarding travel (link). I agree with what he wrote there but think that we should add the fact that this excitement that kids have, they express all the time and should be kept. I try to show my excitement with my son all the time; maybe that way he will keep it.