Started work on this in Madrid, 2023-06-09

guest content

There quite a few people I know, who I wish wrote publicly more often or at all. I'm very interested in what they would write but it seems that I won't get the opportunity to read it. Maybe, and this page could be a place for that?

This page could be a place where you write maybe one or two articles but you know that other people like you (who are not necessarily writers) are also writing. It takes the I'm going to write a blog anxiety out of the endeavour.

The benefits could be interesting:

  1. It makes it easier and lighter for someone to share more long-form content.
  2. This very small page would benefit from the traffic of the close friends of various people.
  3. The page would be full of very diverse content on a lot of different topics and questions. A sort of Whole Earth Catalog of modern times.

There are still a lot of open questions for me though: What questions could I ask?