Started work on this 2023-11-14 in Madrid, Spain

Note taking is important

It's incredible the amount of small pieces of information that we have to keep track of. From the legal address of a company you work with to a conversation you had with someone. There are a lot of companies whose sole purpose is to sell you solutions to solve this problem.

Organization is not the issue you should focus on

All these companies pushing you to buy their product to help you organize your information have it wrong. I have found that how you organize this information is not important. What is important is how easy it is to add information to your notes. You want it to be super easy and fast to add new things to your notes.
When you need something, you are typically willing to spend time looking for it. It doesn't matter how well organized your information is, if the information you are looking for is not in your notes at all! That is why I started a couple of years ago to put all of my notes into one single txt file. It's super fast to add information to it. I never have to ask myself "where should I put this?". It's also super fast to find information in it.

I didn't come up with this idea.

This idea comes from Jeff Huang - My productivity app is a never-ending .txt file. I have now been doing the same thing for about 2 years. My file is now about 13 000 lines long and about 600 000 bytes of data. I'm not alone in my folie. The concept of taking notes in one long text file was quite popular in 2005. Some links to older posts which discuss this idea:

Give it a try yourself! All it takes is opening textEdit or notes.